by Felix Marc



released March 15, 2019

Artist: Felix Marc
Album Title: SUBSTANCE
Written, Performed, Mixed by Felix Marc
except “The Promise You Made” written/lyrics by Peter Kingsbery, performed by Felix Marc and Lis Van Den Akker.
Studio: The Wolf Cave, Reutlingen, Germany
Mastered by Torulsson @ 808 Mastering
Cover photo: Thomas Wuhrer (
Release date: March 15, 2019
Release type: Digital Download and Streaming
Genre: Electro Pop, Dark Wave, Alternative
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Track Name: Totem
We shall elevate
Before we suffocate
And breathe through the water
Unfold into this space

A space to drift in silence
A place that we call home
To reach out for one another
Until the moment fades - forever gone

I ran away so many times
So many nights that come and go
With just one thing on my mind
That one thing I can't let go

In my unambitious world
You agitated me so
I need to break out of here
Reassemble this show

You help me to survive
Bring back sensitivity
I look into your eyes
With long forgotten dignity

The peace in you
Is the peace in me
Is the peace in us
Track Name: Substance
And the feeling never shows
I'm truly awake
I'm sensing your touch, another fake

I keep breathing away
I'm living through this day
As it was the best time, of our life

Deliberately I am here
Exchanging all my hopes and fears
For nothing, for nothing
Let them go to find someday
A profound meaning on my way
To substance, to substance

Take a rest and look around
Achievements are for nowhere bound
For nowhere, for nowhere
The time will come when you decide
How much of value is inside
Your substance, your substance.

Deep inside I always knew
Your complicated love is true
Devotion, devotion
The sun will set for one last time
Before we struggle and deny
Our substance, my substance.
Track Name: Our Time
Industries, world disease, hyper-sleep
Give and take, build/bend and break, bread and games

Needful things, distant dreams, meaningless
NGO, UNO, buy and sell

Let the music never stop
And devotion lead our thoughts/and emotions lead our thoughts
Send this signal to the skies

All you lonely souls in the distance
This is our scream for resistance
This is our time, this is our life

Let the music never stop
And devotion lead our thoughts
This is our time, this is our life

Deity, democracy, pornography
Teach and learn, watch and burn, hide and seek

Great distress, sightlessness, solitude
NRA, CIA, shoot and kill
Track Name: Felix Marc (feat. Lis Van Den Akker) - The Promise You Made
If I laid down my love to come to your defense
Would you worry for me with a pain in your chest?
Could I rely on your faith to be strong
To pick me back up and to push me along?
Tell me
You'll be there in my hour of need
You won't turn me away
Help me out of the life I lead
Remember the promise you made
Remember the promise you made

If I gave you my soul for a piece of your mind
Would you carry me with you to the far edge of time?
Could you understand if you found me untrue
Would we become one, or divided in two
Please tell me
You'll be there in my hour of need
You won't turn me away
Help me out of the life I lead
Remember the promise you made
Remember the promise you made

Could I rely on your faith to be strong
To pick me back up and to push me along
Please tell me
You'll be there in my hour of need
You won't turn me away
Help me out of the life I lead
Remember the promise you made
Track Name: Lost In Grace
All is lost in grace
I'm tired of the human race
With everything out of place
Beaten paths mislead our ways
Don't you ignore what you see
Don't you forget about me

Cooling my mind
Dreadful, unkind
Likewise declined
Unlikely to shine

Troubling game
What was your name?
Seconds of fame
Unlikely to remain

You on my mind
Dreadful, unkind
Likewise so blind
Unlikely to shine

Twisted idea
Challenge or fear
Tear after tear
Unlikely to disappear
Track Name: New Waves
And the waves flow
And the lights blow
And your bright smile
Beam me up , yeah!

Utopia - my loving home
So long I have been waiting
Now I cannot let you go

Insomnia - I'm on my own
At night those pictures haunt me
I'm addicted to their show

My Comeliness - Where is your crown?
I always have adored you
Now the filth covers the facts

Deliverance - I'm going down
Too long I have been tied-in
I'm unfolding to your acts

As I am waiting for our time
I am swimming against the stream
I'm running
I'm running to stand still

As I am waiting for our time
I am bleeding for our dream
I'm running
I'm running to stand still

Indifference - my faith has gone
These bonds will last forever
And will never come undone

Magnificence - your light shines on
At night I will be waiting
I'm addicted to your show
Track Name: Vertigo
I'm floating on
Illuminated oceans
Of sparkling metaphors
And can't find the words to say

Go break my heart
A final cruel emotion
Before we're left alone
With another night to drown

A symphony in vain
And bodylines to go insane to
This is what you are
This is why I feel for you

So wicked yet so pure
And looks that make the iron melt
How can I not fall?
This is why I'm falling for you now

A captivating light
I'm captured by your inspiration
How can I go on,
How can I not lose my way?

I'm going up in flames
While you stand there and watch me flicker
What is there to fear?
What if we had only this one night?
Track Name: To The World
And when my soul is forced to speak
My heart becomes magnetized to you
Holding on to every little piece
Of this illusion

I am the rage inside your head
Giving out all the dreams you had
Giving out all your little secrets
To the world

I am the blind man in the corner
Watching the beauty on the street
Faking a smile within this madness
To the world

I am the homeless thought of chaos
Roaming the surface when you sleep
Leaving no trace, but leave you lonely
To the world
Track Name: Omen
Now this is what I wanted
And this is what I get
I'm standing at the crossroads
I'm never looking back

The next step is the hardest
And nothing to regret
I'm smiling at the barricades
I'm never looking back

The longing in her eyes
I can't recover from
A devil in disguise
Or a queen to worship

You're crawling on the floor
Or tied up in a chair
Your blissful, sweet salvation
Is just a heartbeat away

Your eyes wide open
My mind on fire

With every single stroke
You're tearing up my soul
My body on remote
To refuse is worthless

We enter a new sphere
Uncertain what may be
Your absolute allegiance
Is just a heartbeat away
Track Name: Satellites
I'm beholding
Dreams of the past days
When we were satellites

I am roaming
These dark horizons
To find some peace of mind

Treat me like a prison wall
You stand and stare you watch me every day
You're trapped inside don't know what lies beyond

Feed me like a choking ball
You open wide and swallow every grain
Alone tonight you're dying for emotional response

Chase me like a racing car
You lag behind your engine is too weak
Switch on your mind and hit the brakes now

Erase me like a parasite
You overpopulate my hemisphere
Beware yourself I'm going for hysterical release
Track Name: The Fortress
The fortress of amazing love:
Legal entity
Beholding a world of assassination,
Weak humanity

Stay awake as long as you can
Escalate the meaningless plan
Trippin, Trippin

Stay away as far as you can
Dominate the miserable clan
Trippin over my own deceit
Burnin' in demolishing heat

Stay tonight as close as you can
Overwrite the previous plan
Slippin', testified to this treat
Meltin' in demolishing heat
Track Name: Getout
I never expected to be here,
In this collision of fear
I underrated their smartest moves
Bring/Help me up, get me out of here

I never expected to go bust,
With this cohesion we trust
While this depression creeps all around
Help me up, get me out of here

Where are you?
Where are you?

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